Project Description
LANG Q is a language app to that helps people learn and practice new vocabulary. 



Problem Statement 


While some vocabulary apps on the market are easy to use and have fun gaming features, barely any allow the user to create their own vocabulary sets from scratch.  By creating a profile showing Words Learnt, Words to Review, and Words Mastered, words can be easily remembered and recalled.



Competitive Analysis

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I conducted 5 interviews with potential users to better understand how people approach learning new vocabulary. Based on this research I represented the user in the form of a proto-persona.


Information Architecture


Wireframing & Prototyping
I tested the Lang Q low fidelity prototype with 3 participants. The duration was 5-10 minutes each and I recorded the session with the permission of the participant.

Direct Tasks: 


1.  Onboarding tutorial and creating a user profile

2.  Select a language to learn and daily goals


3. Create a study set and navigate to my sets


4. Navigate to My Progress to see words to review

Scenario Task


1.  You’ve downloaded the app and want to set up your account as well as learn how         to use the app and its features.

2. After creating an account you want to select the language you want to learn and           your goals for learning that language.


3. You want to create your own set of words to learn and then be able to see them in          My Sets.


4. You want to access your Progress and see the words to review.

Usability Testing


Usability Test Report


Task 1: “I cant insert anything so ill click on Facebook”  - Facebook Worked “. Gmail sign up, So do I click on it? Ok I thought I was putting in my email? Ok ill login- Success. “I want to sign in with email- oh that doesn’t work ill go with Gmail”- Gmail works.


Error Severity: 0


Recommended tangible next steps to improve your prototype: Was able to log in with Facebook or Gmail- but wanted to insert their information


Task 1 Part 2: “So I would think clicking 2 would be to choose the language”- confused about the onboarding. “My first instinct is to click 1 but that doesn’t work” so do I have four choices to choose a language?” ok ill click 2 oh so this is telling me how the app works got it now”.


Error Severity: 3


Recommended tangible next steps to improve your prototype:

The onboarding was confusing to some users I should make it more clear this is a tutorial on how to use the app and a better understanding of how to navigate the onboarding process.




Task 2: “I’m confused I don’t know any of these languages so ill choose later”- Confused because it says Choose a language –Oh now I’m choosing a language”- I thought I would choose that in stage 1? Ok ill choose it now. “Can I add more languages? I see I can’t so Ill choose French-.


Error Severity: 3


Recommended tangible next steps to improve your prototype: should say “Choose a language you want to learn.” So it’s not confusing to users


Task 3:  Do I add a class? Oh I see study set” – clicked study set and create set-. How do I do that? Where are the sets- oh I see Study sets so ill click that”


Error Severity: 2


Recommended tangible next steps to improve your prototype: Make the navigation buttons clearer to see.


Task 4: Ill click progress and words to review- Success. “I see progress so ill click that and I see words to review”- Success


Error Severity: 0


Recommended tangible next steps to improve your prototype: All users were able to navigate to progress and see words to review.


- Create a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing digital wireframe version.



- Add screens for Progress page words mastered and words learnt.



- Create visually refined navigation buttons.



- Add content to “Set a Goal” Screen.



- Do more Usability Testing and get more feedback.


 Next Steps