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Born and raised in Wesley Hills, New York, my love for art & design developed at an early age. I have been learning about and creating art since I was able to hold a crayon, and after many years, I have developed a deep appreciation for it.


After graduating from high school, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from the University of Maryland. Upon graduation, I returned to New York City to pursue a Master’s in Art Education from The City College of New York while working as a teacher at The Creative Playschool on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


Though I enjoyed to educate others and share my love of art, I felt like there was more to explore. I began taking courses in UX/UI design, and knew I had found my calling. Ever since, I have been a freelance UI/UX designer, working with startups to design aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use products by putting the needs of the user first.


A career in UX/UI design has given me the opportunity to combine my affinity for art and fascination with new and evolving technology. By focusing on where intuition meets aesthetics my designs can be described as “simple elegance”. As a freelancer, I am constantly honing my design skills while looking forward to my next endeavor.


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